Nightmares & Fairy Tales 2016 – Hints


  • [Co*Motion]
    Hint – Don’t you have a job to do? Stop playing with the crown jewels!
  • De Baza
    Hint – See hint giver in store
  • Khari’s
    Hint – A place to rest your weary head
  • Ipose UnGracefully Poses
    Hint – Deeper and Deeper down the rabbit hole, turning forward and back. Two faces alone on the door, the Crown waits, high forever more.
  • Dictatorshop
    Hint – Can’t “off with their head” then you’ve got to whip them!
  • Indigo
    Hint – I shall take my tea by the window.
  • Dropped – go on to #12
  • ***MISS JEWELL***
    Hint – 2 Catalogue in the store, but only one is for mesh bodies
  • OMG! Inc.
    Hint – Peek below the lucky letter!
  • Grumble
    Hint – Feeling a bit devilish
  • Roped Passions
    Hint – These stories leave me twisted and “entangled”.
  • X-Clusives Animations
    Hint – The caterpillar says one side of this makes you smaller and one side makes you taller.



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