Nightmares & Fairy Tales Hunt 2017

Purple Puffin Productions Presents:

Nightmares & Fairy Tales Hunt – The Enchanted Forest
Theme: Evil Fairies, Good Fairies, Darkness, Heroes, Heroines, Villains, Goth Fantasy, Haunted/Enchanted Forest, Bondage – Adults Only.
Dates: 1 – 30 June 2017
Cost: $1L

Merchant Notes:

Read The Rules Before You Apply!

Regions/Sims with Adult or Moderate rating preferred.
General rated regions/sims may be accepted, but items must be advertised as per LL’s TOS.

Rules, Application, & Hunt Hint Submission links are on the right side of this page. ==>

April 22nd – May 21st – Applications
Posters Sent Out Upon Acceptance
May 26th – 27th – Final Boxes Sent
May 29th – Hints & Pics Due

May 30th– Walkthrough

SLT Midnight – May 31st/June 1st – Begin

SLT Midnight June 30th/July 1st – End


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