Nightmares & Fairy Tales 2017 – Hints

  1. The Purple Puffin
    Hint: Unicorn!
  2. Barbed Wire Kisses
    Hint: I’m Negan’s favorite.
  3. Inara’s Fantasy Couture
    Hint: on the back wall
  4. Mishmash Fusion
    Hint: Enter and be caged
  5. Imagine Flowers and Garden
    Hint: Those shrooms are sweeties
  6. [Drac] Costumes & Couture
    Hint: Tiny Flower
  7. !:Love Lei:! Couture
    Hint: Follow the Sign…
  8. Grumble
    Hint: Look by the shortys…sweaters that is.
  9. Dondi’s Doodads
    Hint: Please check the hint giver.
  10. PeKaS Gorean & Urban Designs
    Hint: So sexy, so savage
  11. Lunar Seasonal Designs
    Hint: Magic! A sign that Rezzes Big things!
  12. Applique` Chic
    Hint: “Information” is important.
  13. Mahlberg Tailors
    Hint: Cha Ching!
    Hint: Being ELITE is a fairytale
  15. ~DsR~
    Hint: I hope they didn’t throw away the key…
  16. **Brii Underground Wear**
    Hint: I’m going to use my vendetta mask
  17. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
    Hint: I would like to play the harp!
  18. Kitties Petite Dreams
    Hint: Hidden behind which box

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