The Little Shop of Horrors Hunt – August 2017

Purple Puffin Productions Presents:

Theatre Of Horrors – The Little Shop Of Horrors Hunt
Theme: Man eating plants, Murder, Mayhem! What would you sell in your Little Shop of Horrors? – Adults Only.

Public Domain 1960’s Version: Because Roger Corman did not believe that The Little Shop of Horrors had much financial prospect after its initial theatrical run, he did not bother to copyright it, resulting in the film falling into the public domain.
Dates: 1 – 31 August 2017
Cost: $1L

Merchant Notes:

Read The Rules Before You Apply!

Regions/Sims with Adult or Moderate rating preferred.
General rated regions/sims may be accepted, but items must be advertised as per LL’s TOS.

Rules, Application, & Hunt Hint Submission links are on the right side of this page. ==>

June 5th – July 21st – Applications
Posters Sent Out Upon Acceptance
July 26th – 27th – Final Boxes Sent
July 29th – Hints & Pics Due

July 30th– Walkthrough

SLT Midnight – July 31st/August 1st – Begin

SLT Midnight August 31st/Sept 1st – End


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