The Little Shop Of Horrors Hunt Hints


  1. The Purple Puffin
    Hint: Conferring with the flowers.
  2. +Psycho Barbie+
    Hint: Come have a seat, Chillax, play some games and have a drink.
  3. Love Everlasting PlantPets
    Hint: As with any odd plant, you will find it in the dark corner of the garden
  4. Loordes of London
    Hint: By the Bargains
    Hint: Ha..Ha … Said the Spooky Clown … and not only at Halloween !
  6. StoraxTree
    Hint: look near hunt poster
  7. The Bare Naked Lady
    Hint: Whhhaaaa?? Plant Food?
  8. The Cheeky Parrot Boutique
    Hint: Mmmm you look tasty. Staying for lunch?
  9. The Artist Shed
    Hint: The Horticulturist creates the most interesting plants…
  10. Inara’s Fantasy Couture
    Hint: On the Back Wall
  11. Applique` Chic
    Hint: Look for me where things are shiny and “new”
  12. Barbed Wire Kisses
    Hint: Alouqua will not help you.
  13. Grumble
    Hint: Find the skulls



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