About P3 Events?

It all started with, “here’s a great idea, I’ll torture myself and run my own hunts. Yeah!”

I don’t much like being in charge of things, but I love knowing that something I am doing is giving back to the community and helping people feel good, even in a very small way, so I put my issues in a box and push through to get these hunts out into Second Life for you.

I definitely don’t do this to be noticed. I have social anxiety disorder, so you know I speak the truth there.

Thank you for the Hunties 2016 nomination. I don’t know who you were, but it felt good to know someone liked these hunts enough to vote for them and for the work that has gone into them. *waves at all the wonderful merchants who make this happen*

I cannot promise that you will get a hundred gifts that are top of the line from well known stores. People who come here expecting some kind of ‘OMG website’ or ‘OMG preview’ or ‘OMG huge hunt’ will be sadly disappointed. What I can promise is that the gifts offered to you are from stores that at least have the potential to be or are already fabulous, that the hunt is growing and that things are getting better all the time.

Why can I make this promise?

Because I expect the merchants to give you something you know they put their heart into. Even if it is not something you are personally invested in, would not use or wear, it should be the best that person has to offer. If I feel that a store has not given you a gift that exemplifies their best work and makes you feel like a superstar I will not accept them a second time.

Gentlemen, I know you get left out a lot, I am sorry about that. I do not always make men’s gifts, because I honestly feel like I do not do them justice, but I do hope that a few of the stores will include a man’s item. It is not a requirement, so the stores that provide you with a gift are doing it out of kindness and I thank them for it.

Ladies, I will always set out a quality item for you. I take pride in my work, because I want you to feel as beautiful as I know you are.

❤ Mz Kitty