Dia De Los Muertos Hunt 2015 – Hints

Purple Puffin Productions Presents:

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Theme: Las Calaveras (The Skulls)
Dates: November 1 – 30
Cost: $1L

01. [Co*Motion]
Hint 1 – El Catrin – Gacha!
Hint 2 – La Catrina – Nailed it!

02. Hearth & Home
Hint – Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam and cacti grow!

03. Bad Kitty
Hint – I’ll just hang out here and wait for the tooth fairy to pass by.

04. Love Everlasting PlantPets
Hint – In the Dark Corner of the Garden you will find me beside some things that are dead.

05. Moonlitecat Creations
Hint 1 – Ladies: Be the Ghost with the most!
Hint 2 – Gentlemen: Mystics have all the hearts!

06. Dondi’s Doodads
Hint – Jump into the pink.

07. Gothic Desires
Hint – Skulls Stick Together.

08. Decora Doll
Hint – Ding Ding!- Help Please!

09. ~*Heavenly Bacon*~
Hint – I didn’t know donkeys liked cookies!

10. [:Rad Designz:]
Hint – Almost down,almost up, be wary of where you hunt. Find the balance and you’ll get a prize!

11. Grogo’s Gadgets
Hint – A small person walks out, points and yells, “de plant, de plant!”

12. The Cat and Fiddle
Hint 1 – (boys) “I’m afraid it’s terminal”
Hint 2 – (girls) “Batteries not included”

13. Secrets of Gaia
HInt – Check hint giver in the store, it will change often.
4 November 2015-
NOTE male gift ready, come back to grab it

14. Sour Pickles
Hint – Check hint giver


Dia De Los Muertos Hunt 2015

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Purple Puffin Productions Presents:

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Theme: Las Calaveras (The Skulls)
Dates: November 1 – 30
Cost: $1L

Merchant Notes

Gift Guidelines

  • Please make sure your gift is either unisex or you have something for both men and women in it. A lot of stores are more female oriented, so it’s just a nice thing to do for the guys.
  • Please make sure your gift best represents your store. If it’s not as nice as the things you sell you’re going to disappoint your potential customers and they won’t come back.
  • Gift Prims need to be visible. Not in walls, not in floors, not in anything closed. It’s in a prim with an open side? No problem, just make sure the open side is accessible to view and not flat against another prim.
  • Set to sell CONTENTS $1L – please make sure the prim is set correctly. It’s always a bummer when you get to a store and find out someone bought the original item and no one else can get the gift.

Store guidelines

  • No malls with forced landing areas. If we can’t easily find your shop (by landing in or in front of it), we aren’t going to accept your application. Hunters don’t like having to hunt for your store before they hunt for your gift.
  • No resellers; all items in your shop need to be original to your store/brand.
  • We expect you to have an inWorld shop with at least 20 items for sale.


  • October 6th – 20th – Applications
  • October 21st – Posters Sent Out
  • October 25th – Final Boxes Sent
  • October 28th – Hints & Pics Due
  • October 29th – 1st Walkthrough (Please have gift hidden by noon SLT)
  • October 31st – Last Walkthrough
  • SLT Midnight – October 31st/November 1st – Begin
  • SLT Midnight November 30th/December 1st – End


Copy and paste the following to a notecard named “P3 – Dia De Los Muertos Hunt App- <Your Name>” fill in the blanks and send it in world to Krista Darbyshire, Dondi Lynwood or Irkalla Caudron on or BEFORE October 20th

Your Name (not display name):

Your Store Name:


Will you be able to provide male & female or unisex items? Y/N

Do you have a group space free? Y/N

If no, do you have an alt/assistant to add to the group?
Name of Alt/Assistant:

Please note, all final boxes will be sent to the applicant. If you are not the owner of the shop please list yourself as the assistant and put their name in the “Your Name” spot.


Thank you for your application.
The P3 Staff